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Group Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes


Flow Yoga:  A fun and dynamic yoga class. Expect to flow between poses and be challenged with powerful Vinyasa sequences. Modifications and more challenging variations will be given for the asanas to address the different levels in class.

Slow Flow Yoga: A slower-paced, feel-good flowing Yoga class, where poses are held for a longer duration, with greater emphasis on form and alignment.

Gentle Yoga/Gentle Candlelight Yoga : Whether you are new to yoga, working with an injury, or looking to explore yoga’s therapeutic side, this gentle class will refresh, relax and center you. Each class includes asana (postures) using props to support, pranayama (breath exercises) and meditation practiced in a loving environment with individualized instruction tailored to your needs. Increase vitality and reduce stress with this restorative class.



Barre and Pilates Classes

Inner Balance Barre: The perfect fusion of ballet barre, arm work with weight/bands, Pilates inspired abdominal and back work and yoga stretches.  Sculpt your body from head to toe with a mixture of dance moves, isometric and targeting barre exercises.  Socks with grips or studio shoes are suggested for class.
Pilates/Barre Fusion: Half Barre and half Pilates- this is the ideal class for people who want to strengthen, align and define their whole body using traditional barre and ballet exercises while incorporating the precision, control and core-work of Pilates.

Pilates - Power Flow:
 The classical Pilates repertoire updated with contemporary variations and a dynamic flow. Challenge your body with this CORE focused workout designed to increase your strength, mobility and flexibility.

Pilates - Sculpt: A challenging and intense workout designed for those who love to feel the burn and break a sweat! Lift, sculpt and tighten your way to the ideal Pilates physique.The classical mat repertoire with a twist!

Pilates Reformer Classes: Small group classes on the reformer designed to challenge and strengthen the body with added resistance from the springs.  A great complement to our mat classes.  3 people per class maximum so you will enjoy individual attention!


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