Pilates Mat Teacher Training

Pilates Mat Training Program

Co-Taught by Nell Amos and Claudia Rionda

Do you love Pilates and want to share your passion with others?  For most students wanting to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor, learning the foundation of the Pilates method through the matwork is the logical first step. The Inner Balance Mat Training Course provides an in-depth education, delivering beginner though advanced exercises in one course.


Fall 2018 Schedule

Friday, September 7 - Sunday September 16 (weekends only)

2 weekends:

Fridays: 5-8pm
Saturday/Sunday: 1-6pm

Material Covered:

  • Principles of Pilates and Key Elements of the Method
  • Breathing
  • Anatomy/Physiology/Biomechanics
  • Fundamental Exercises
  • Beginner through Advanced Mat Exercises based on the Classical Sequence
  • How to Design a Pilates Mat Class beyond the Classical Sequence
  • Using Props To Modify, and Add Variety and Challenge
  • Teaching Special Populations/Injuries
  • The Art of Cueing

Pre-requisites: Must have taken a minimum of 10 hours of mat classes in the last 3 months.  Must show proof of hours.

Program Hours:
26 contact hours
10 hours personal practice*
10 hours observation and assisting*
6 hours student teaching/co-teaching*
4 hours homework

*may be done at IB under observation of Nell or Claudia
or at an approved studio for out of area students

Total Hours: 56 hours

Requirements of Mat Certification Completion:
Attendance of all contact hours
Completion of required hours
Passing grade (75 or higher) on final written exam
Passing grade of practical exam




  • Student Manual
  • Joseph Pilates, "Return to Life Through Contrology" book 
  • Final Exams (including one re-test if needed)
  • 10 Complimentary mat Pilates classes
  • 30-day Free Trial to Pilates Anytime website
  • Opportunity to teach/sub at studio upon successful completion of course

Student Testimonials:

"For me, it was a great training. It was well paced; the information was very pertinent and well spread in an order that made it much easier to learn. The handbook was very well organized and the material right to the point.  You gave us the basics and now it is on us to put into practice to improve. I like that we are having this time, and you are giving us the support to use the studio and practice.  Overall, my opinion is that you have done an outstanding job. I would recommend the training to anyone in a heartbeat!!!"

"I came in with quite a lot of experience in fitness such as Personal Training and Aerobics, however I felt that this course gave me something that I was missing: how to complement and complete my workouts with the flexibility, body alignment, breathing, and much more. It taught me to take control of my mind and body. Nothing I had done before felt as good as this and I owe it all to Nell and Claudia for an amazing informative workshop.  Thank you Inner Balance Studio, Nell and Claudia, for this great program. It is obvious that a lot of knowledge and expertise went into designing it.  Thank you for correcting me every time I was off alignment and helping us all in hopes to be great Pilates instructors."

"I can’t tell you how much this mat Pilates training has been important to me, and will be for the rest of my life. I was drawn to Pilates because of the two of you, you are truly my role models.  I’ m so grateful for all I’ve learned so far, the dedication that you put in teaching us for so many hours. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  I’m looking forward to continuing my training with practice into teaching and I hope I’ll be able to become a good Pilates teacher, following the path that you are leading us on."

"More than the educational experience that for me is only starting, Inner Balance has picked me and I picked it. The whole package! Teachers, students, energy wise, ..and so on.. but these women I meet every day to help me to grow.  So yes thank you Claudia for pushing me, thank you Nell for not giving up on me, and thank you to my two other wonderful teachers Jori and Trisha who helped me a lot in this road!  Grateful and looking forward to be one day teaching like you guys!"

To register or to get more information, please call (786)383-3088 or email